1969 Dodge Dart Project

Special projects have been plenty lately here at Cerullo Performance Seating.  From time to time our customers request a pattern change on our seat designs.  Most of the time it is very doable.  This is a custom design that I'm jealous we didn't come up with ourselves.  It turned out beautiful and the response on our social media pages is greater than it's ever been.  

Mike from Canada called us a few weeks ago needing seats for his 1969 Dodge Dart.  He had an idea of keeping with the original feel of the 1/2" pleats but still wanted an aftermarket, modern yet classic design.  He sent us photos of other seats he wanted the upholstery to look like.  When he said he wanted red vinyl, we got very excited.  Red always looks so striking and sporty and flashy.  It makes our days even more fun when we get to use bright colors like that.  I think I've said that many times on these blog posts, sorry.  

Here are Mike's Cerullo SC Sport Seats in red vinyl with custom design for his 1969 Dodge Dart.  He did order mounting brackets as well that will allow him to install his brand new seats right away with no fuss.