1971 Mustang Mach 1

They say the best advertising comes from "word of mouth".  I totally agree.  Our friends at Ridetech https://www.ridetech.com/ in Jasper, Indiana sent over a really cool guy, who is actually local, to work on new seats for his 1971 Mustang Mach 1.  This is a very special car.  He shows it everywhere, all the time.  He had purchased some aftermarket replacement seats already that were imported and inexpensive.  These didn't last long of course because they were very uncomfortable. This dude came to us needing a new set of front seats that were high quality, comfortable for his back and legs and needed a new cover for his rear seat to match the front.  

Keeping with the sporty look of the car, he chose our XR Sport Seats in black vinyl with light grey stitching.  Adding the contrasting thread color breaks up all of the black you see when you look inside the car, giving a little more character to the interior.  Guy, the customer, is a very handy and car savvy person but didn't feel like dealing with the issue of building his own mounting brackets to adapt our seat tracks to his floor board.  He chose to have us build his mounting brackets so that the installation process would be flawless.  

His front seats turned out great.  The XR's always look so elegant in any vehicle you put them in.  We weren't  sure what we were going to find as far as the condition of the seat foam in the rear seat but all was intact when we pulled the original cover off.  This car has been maintained very well over the years.  Covering it was a breeze and we can't wait to see everything installed in the car.  Watch out for this Mach 1 at the Goodguys shows.  He seems to hit all of them.  Thanks Guy, this was a fun project.  


This Photo shows the original cover on the rear seat of the Mach 1. 

This Photo shows the original cover on the rear seat of the Mach 1.