Cerullo Mounting Brackets

Do you have questions about our mounting brackets? Here are some frequently asked questions answered.  

1.  Cerullo mounting brackets are designed to fit Cerullo Seats.  The fitment on other brad of seats cannot be guaranteed.  The mounting points from our sliders to the brackets are 11" front to back and 16" side to side.  If that fits the bottom of your sliders of another brand of seats, then it will work. 

2.  Cerullo mounting brackets are car specific, meaning that there is a specific mounting bracket design for each model and may also be different according to the years.  We have a detailed list, so if you want to know if we have a mounting bracket that fits your car, just give us a call and we can look it up easily.  

3.  When you order Cerullo seats with no brackets, you will get sliders that have studs pointing downward that can be either bolted to the floor (if your floor is flat and you need to be as close to the floor as possible) or bolted to a custom or self fabricated bracket that fits the design of your floor.  

When you order Cerullo seats with Cerullo mounting brackets, you get a set of "black sliders" that work specifically with the design of our "Recaro style" brackets.  You will also receive a set of adapter brackets that will hook onto the tabs that run along the top of the brackets.  These adapters allow you to adjust the height and tilt details of your seats during installation.  You can see the adapters placed on top of this bracket in this photo.  Also at the top of the photo you'll see a sample of the black slider that will fit on top of the adapter.  


4.  When you order a set of brackets, you'll notice that both brackets are marked with a part number.  If it is not clear to you automatically which bracket fits on which side of the car, just remember that the even number is the driver side and the odd number is the passenger side. 

Of course if you ever have any other questions regarding our seats or mounting brackets, we're always available by phone during business hours.  909-392-5561

Mark's 51 Ford Truck Bench Seat

We had a walk in customer with a classic Ford truck looking for a new bench seat last month.  His truck is silver and he wanted to include that color in the seats without getting too glitzy.  Our silver vinyl from Katzkin was the perfect choice.  It has an iridescent shine to it that gives the "silver" look yet is not shiny.  Spread out over a large surface like the inserts of a bench seat, it ties in with the silver paint of the truck and the black outer trim gives a sharp pop to the interior.  We're grateful for the progress picture from our customer.  We'll post more as the truck comes to completion.  


Frank's 1978 Firebird Seats

We just finished a special project for our customer Frank and his 78 Firebird.  He needed replacement seats and loved the shape of our XR Sport Seat yet he wanted to keep the integrity of the original upholstery pattern of his car.  Frank sent me a few photos of his existing interior and ordered a set of XRs and a rear seat cover that matched the photos he sent.  Here is the result.  Upon request, you can order a set like this for your special Firebird.  Notice, we also added the shoulder loop to hold his 3 point seat belts in place. 


55 Studebaker Bench Seat

This custom bench seat was made for our customer's 55 Studebaker.  We actually don't have access to a seat that is designed particularly for the Studebaker, however, we did find a frame that had the right dimensions. We used part # SP49 bench frame from Glide Engineering. 

Our customer requested black vinyl with a splash of red somehow.  After discussing several options, we decided on a thick red thread for the stitching and diamond pattern inserts.  Putting the diamond pattern on the insert of a classic bench seat was a first for us and we're very happy with the result.  We'll show you the seat installed once that happens.  




2006 Ford F350 Truck Seat

So we don't get a lot of customer photos with our truck seats installed, but we worked with a customer in Arizona that was gracious enough to give us a testimony and photos!  We've been really busy at the shop and Brad had to wait a few weeks for his custom truck seat but it all worked out.   And he's HAPPY!  Brad customized his seat a little requesting that the console be all vinyl as well as the headrests of the captain's chairs.  The only tweed we used was on the insert of the chairs.  I think the outcome was a very sleek, and clean look.  

Here are shots of his new Western Truck Seat and his F350 our customer uses for work.  His main concern was that the seats be comfortable even on long road trips.  His feedback is a positive one.

"I drove today from Phoenix to Sayre, Oklahoma.  The ride in the new seats was terrific!" - Brad from Arizona



1953 Willys Truck Buckets

Todd from Oregon had just had his 53 Willys truck painted and it was really important to him that the seats matched the colors of his new truck paint.  We got lucky with this one.  I took one look at the paint samples he emailed me and I knew exactly the shades he would need.  After speaking with him, discussing the style and color direction he wanted to go and sending Todd the swatch samples in the mail, we agreed on a plan.  We went with the SC Sport seats in Cognac and Orange with no headrest.  We're pretty pleased with the outcome.  

Todd's truck is a beauty.  We're grateful and proud to have been a part of this project. 

IMG_20180316_115252_896 (002).jpg

1957 GMC Truck

So we finally received a set of photos we've been waiting for for a long time.  Our customer in Texas had this seat built for a recently restored 57 GMC truck for their son.  This was a birthday surprise for him.  The color scheme was important because it needed to match the truck's new paint job.  We think the blue and green worked really well and it compliments the truck nicely.  

We used a Glide frame with a center arm rest and added cup holders.  The mounting brackets are included when you buy a complete bench seat from us.  Another great project in the books.  

IMG_2195 (1).JPG