Pit Mat - New Accessory

We have a new accessory.  We've had several people ask us about these padded mats used in the garage for guys working under their cars.  It's designed to help you protect your back and knees from the hard ground.  They are simple, understated and very useful.  So here it is....

This fold-able mat stretches out to 52" in length and 24" in width.  Fold it up for storage and the size becomes 24" x 13".  We've priced them at $40 ea.  Call us to order  yours today.  We have plenty in stock in blue vinyl.  Order yours in a custom color if you'd like. 909-392-5561


pit mat.png

1965 Mustang Seats with Matching Rear Cover

This week we completed a fun custom project for a nice lady with a stunning 65 Mustang.  Her idea was to eliminate the standard pleats we usually sew into the SC Sport Seat inserts and build a bright red racing stripe down the center.  We kept this theme through the rear seat cover as well so that the entire interior matches.  She also chose to eliminate the headrests.  

We're grateful for the opportunity to work on such a creative design and glad we could incorporate the customer's personal touch in her new interior.  

IMG_0687 (002).jpg
65 Mustang rear.jpg

Los Angeles Classic Auto Show 2018

We're back from the LA Classic Auto Show that was held at the LA Convention Center this last weekend.  What a great time.  Two floors worth of beautiful and very expensive classic cars as well as exhibitor booths from a variety of businesses in the automotive industry.  

Our booth was located right next to the Restoration Station interview stage where we got to hear from some big names in the industry like Dave Kindig from the TV show Bitchen Rides, Horny Mike and Kevin from the show Counting Cars and Stacey David from the show GearZ.  We also got to watch an upholstery demo from the guys at Sew Cal Interiors.  Check out our pictures.  


1959-1963 El Camino

Another El Camino is getting a new front bench seat.  This frame was also made by Glide Engineering.  The customer brought over his own frame and foam from Glide that's conveniently located 20 minutes East of our shop.  We customized the foam for him, adding a bump in the center, just under the arm rest.  We also added a nice shape by building up the side bolster area to match the contour of the center bump.  

We love the colors Scott (the customer) choose with the light grey vinyl and the silver carbon fiber insert.  The El Camino is getting painted red this week and he'll be installing his new bench seat in about 2 weeks.  We're all looking forward to seeing the finished car.  

IMG_20180307_084822 (2).png

Calling All Volkswagen Drivers

One of our favorite customers is Sewfine Interior Products.  Checkout their website here at https://www.sewfineproducts.com/

They work on Volkswagen and Porsche cars, providing quality seat cover kits and all over interior accessories.  Some of the products they provide include seat foam kits, custom door panel accessories, headliners, custom visors, convertible tops, and carpet kits.  They also provide.....our favorite.....CERULLO SEATS.  One of the most popular style of ours they sell is the SC Sport Seat.  It just goes well in the cars they commonly work on.  Using their own material, we build the custom seats and ship it back to them where they do the install.  Using bright colors is the Sewfine signature and we're so proud to be apart of their team, helping make happy customers.  This week, we used black vinyl with a bright blue insert.  Using contrasting color thread is sometimes a really great idea.  We used blue thread on the double stitch giving the seats a really great, custom look.  Here is the latest project ordered by Sewfine-


1964 El Camino

This El Camino bench seat was just completed for Art's 1964 El Camino.  We used Pacific Blue vinyl throughout.  This style of seat has a fold down center armrest and split backrests that recline and fold forward independently.  You can see in one of the photos part of the bare frame and what the insides look like.  The frame comes from Glide Engineering http://www.glideengineering.com/ All of our bench seat frames are made by Glide.  They build beautiful, powder coated seat frames for tri-five Chevys and many other classic vehicles with mounting brackets that bolt directly into the factory mounting holes for easy installation.  We've had tremendous success upholstering their frames over the years.  All of our customers that come to us for bench seats have been very happy.  If you're looking for just frame and foam and you have your own upholsterer that you're loyal to, they're a great source.   Of course you can come straight to Cerullo as a one stop shop.  We've worked with Glide for many years and consider them like family.  Our shops are in close proximity to each other making it easy to work closely on seat projects.  

Once again, the El Camino seat is ready for shipping and we're looking forward to seeing the seat installed in Art's classic El Camino.  


Ric's 1951 Ford Truck

The guys at Cerullo just finished this beauty today that will be going in Ric's 51 Ford Truck in Arizona.  He chose to use Cardinal vinyl and added cup holders to his armrest.  This style of bench seat has tapered or "sport seat style" backrests and added headrests.   The bench also has a special feature in it's flip up bottom, allowing storage under the seat.    It comes with the mounting hardware and sliders. 

 This was a fun job.  I always say we get an extra kick out of working on seats when our customers use bright colors like this.  We're really looking forward to seeing the seat installed.  



75-81 Trans Am

We now offer a complete front seat set with rear seat cover package for 75-81 Pontiac Trans Am.  

Check out this black and tan XR Sport Seat with the matching rear seat cover.  

A question was raised by a customer about beaten rear seat foam and what you can do if you order a rear seat cover but you know your foam is different from it's early days.  If you wanted to change the interior of your Trans Am with new front seats, and your rear seat is in fairly good condition, you still may need a little boost in your rear seat foam.  After all, you're getting brand new everything in a custom aftermarket front seat.  The rear should match.  Most auto upholsterers who can pull your new Cerullo rear seat cover will have the ability to add a new layer of foam to fill out the seat and add comfort.  Or of course, speak to your favorite Trans Am parts people about options.  We welcome customers sending us their rear seat to cover, but freight can be a killer.  There is often an easier way if you live cross country.  Give us a call for a quote or speak to Ruben at Classic TA in Florida!  

75-81 trans am xr.JPG
75-81 trans am rear.JPG