Happy New Year and a 1994 Chevy Truck!

We’re back to work and looking forward to a prosperous 2019 . Happy New Year friends. One of our first happy customer photos for 2019 comes from Rick in California. We made him a Brougham Truck Seat for his 94 Chevy truck in OEM grey fabric. He says “The seats look great. The pattern maintained a nice factory cleanness”.

Thanks Rick, your truck cab looks spectacular.

rick smith.JPG

Cerullo Off-Road

We all know that life is in a constant state of change. So are businesses. Cerullo has remained strong over the years thanks to God, first, and thanks to our ability to adapt and morph into what our industry wants from us. Our founder, Richard Cerullo, was brilliant at finding niches that needed attention and he worked hard to design and produce a product that would succeed in that new area of the industry. Always staying true to his high quality standards and great customer service, Mr. Cerullo kept is family business alive while maintaining a great reputation.

Today, his daughter, Gina, and his wife, Sue, run the office at Cerullo Performance Seating. With the inspiration of keeping Richard’s great legacy alive, they are developing a new division of Cerullo that will service the off-road community. We’re very excited to bring to you a line of slip on seat covers that will fit, eventually, a wide span of older off-road vehicles in need of restoration or an interior face-lift. We’re already in production of :

100 Series Land Cruiser and LX470 seat covers.

They slip on the original interior of the front seats and look like brand new upholstery. Although you’d never need to take them off, you could take them off with ease and put back on without damaging your original seat or the seat covers. They feature durable cordura behind the backrest with a map pocket and a tactical strip for hanging utility bags or tools. They are in stock in original Toyota colors, but can be made to order in any color combo you’d like.

The second seat cover we just finished designing fits the 2nd Gen Tacoma. We’ve made this seat cover in a high quality neoprene that is water resistant and cleans easy. I discovered that when I spilled a cup of coffee in my lap one day on the way to church. I had to wait about 20 min before I could wipe it off and it came clean! It feels really nice on your bottom too!! The photo below shows our covers in grey with digital camo insert. There is also a great color combo of grey with black inserts, but you can order your set however you want them since we make them here in our factory. You can use these covers to protect your original seat upholstery or to cover up old, damaged fabric. These too can be easily pulled on and taken off but once installed, look like you had a professional reupholster your seats. We’ve used 10 snap hooks, per seat, to be able to attached the bottom seat cover underneath the seat so that the pull is even and snug. We love these covers and we hope you do too. We’re always open to suggestion as well. If you’re apart of this Overland and off-road community, and you have an idea for a seat cover product that you think people need, please send us a note and let us know how we can better serve you as an aftermarket seat and seat cover manufacturer. Grazie!


1969 Chevelle Custom Seats

The latest custom job we worked on last week was for a 69 Chevelle that lives in Georgia. Glenn had already had custom upholstery done in his car with a matching rear seat cover that ended up not working out. He didn’t like his front seats, so he called Cerullo. He loved the look of the SC Sport Seat and liked the headrest style of the GT Sport Seat. All we had to do was match the upholstery style of the existing rear seat with vinyl piping along the outer ridge of the bolsters and use the same material that was already in the car.

With much discussion between Glenn and Gina at Cerullo, they came up with a solid plan. We think the seats turned out great and we’re looking forward to seeing them installed. Glenn also ordered mounting brackets to go with his seats that bolt directly into the factory holes of his Chevelle. Later this year, the customer plans to send us his own pattern for us to use to make him new door panel covers. Thanks Glenn for picking us and giving us the opportunity to work on your fun project.


No Seat For The 1950 Studebaker

So I had a guy call us looking to replace the bench seat in his very special 1950 Studebaker truck. He’d been looking everywhere and after all of his research, he found nothing. Until he called me. Turns out, we don’t have a seat that is specifically designed for the Studebaker, but Greg was willing to trust me to make the right seat for him based on the dimensions he had to work with inside the cab of his truck.

Thankfully, Glide Engineering has the right frame to fit this application, but not the exact mounting hardware.  Grenade Motorsports in Ohio, who is actually building the truck, will have to do a little modifying to mount the seat to his floor board, but the fabrication is minimal. For the 1950 Studebaker, we used Glide’s part # 9459 no flip. Most of the frames that come from Glide can be made with a really cool feature that allows you to flip the bottom cushion up for under seat storage or access. If you ask for the flip version of this seat, it adds a couple of inches to the width. That wasn’t going to work for this project, so we went with the standard bench seat with split backs.

Another vision Greg had for the interior of this truck was to have side bolsters built into the seats and a hump built into the center of the seat cushion. He has a history of street racing and really likes the feel of a standard racing seat and how the bolsters hug the body. We didn’t have this design or detail already built in for this seat style but I like to come at things with a positive attitude. Rather than saying “NO”, I was totally willing to work with him to make his vision come to life. It took about 5 weeks, but we build up the foam and created new patterns so Greg could have his new seat just the way he wanted it. Another personal touch Greg added was the leather. He found his own leather supplier who carried the perfect shade of distressed brown to pull off the look he was going for and had them ship the material strait to us.

Now we have an aftermarket, original style bench seat with personal and modern touches by the truck owner. We can’t wait to see the seat installed. Thanks for the opportunity Greg and Grenade Motorsports. We had fun on this one and everyone here at Cerullo is proud to have been a part of this truck’s journey.

1950 studebaker.jpg
1950 studebaker 2.jpg
1950 studebaker3.jpg

He Wanted A Classic Look And A Modern Feel

Our customer in Canada with the 1969 Dart sent us a really nice note with great photos of his new Cerullo SC Sport Seats with custom design.  Check it out...

"Hey Gina, 

I picked up the seats yesterday and was very excited to install them!

The installation went without a problem, the Cerullo brackets I ordered lined up perfectly with the factory holes. 

The seats look AMAZING! 

The special request to match the original stitching from the original 69 bucket seats adds a beautiful mix of old and modern look that compliments the build.

What a difference in sitting and driving, able to take a curve without sliding to the passenger side is exactly what I wanted.

Did I tell you they look they look AMAZING! 

Please extend my deepest gratitude to Miguel and to you for making this happen.

Have a great day.

Thank you!"


Auto Trim Design of Ottawa