He Wanted A Classic Look And A Modern Feel

Our customer in Canada with the 1969 Dart sent us a really nice note with great photos of his new Cerullo SC Sport Seats with custom design.  Check it out...

"Hey Gina, 

I picked up the seats yesterday and was very excited to install them!

The installation went without a problem, the Cerullo brackets I ordered lined up perfectly with the factory holes. 

The seats look AMAZING! 

The special request to match the original stitching from the original 69 bucket seats adds a beautiful mix of old and modern look that compliments the build.

What a difference in sitting and driving, able to take a curve without sliding to the passenger side is exactly what I wanted.

Did I tell you they look they look AMAZING! 

Please extend my deepest gratitude to Miguel and to you for making this happen.

Have a great day.

Thank you!"


Auto Trim Design of Ottawa