1964 El Camino

This El Camino bench seat was just completed for Art's 1964 El Camino.  We used Pacific Blue vinyl throughout.  This style of seat has a fold down center armrest and split backrests that recline and fold forward independently.  You can see in one of the photos part of the bare frame and what the insides look like.  The frame comes from Glide Engineering http://www.glideengineering.com/ All of our bench seat frames are made by Glide.  They build beautiful, powder coated seat frames for tri-five Chevys and many other classic vehicles with mounting brackets that bolt directly into the factory mounting holes for easy installation.  We've had tremendous success upholstering their frames over the years.  All of our customers that come to us for bench seats have been very happy.  If you're looking for just frame and foam and you have your own upholsterer that you're loyal to, they're a great source.   Of course you can come straight to Cerullo as a one stop shop.  We've worked with Glide for many years and consider them like family.  Our shops are in close proximity to each other making it easy to work closely on seat projects.  

Once again, the El Camino seat is ready for shipping and we're looking forward to seeing the seat installed in Art's classic El Camino.