Calling All Volkswagen Drivers

One of our favorite customers is Sewfine Interior Products.  Checkout their website here at

They work on Volkswagen and Porsche cars, providing quality seat cover kits and all over interior accessories.  Some of the products they provide include seat foam kits, custom door panel accessories, headliners, custom visors, convertible tops, and carpet kits.  They also provide.....our favorite.....CERULLO SEATS.  One of the most popular style of ours they sell is the SC Sport Seat.  It just goes well in the cars they commonly work on.  Using their own material, we build the custom seats and ship it back to them where they do the install.  Using bright colors is the Sewfine signature and we're so proud to be apart of their team, helping make happy customers.  This week, we used black vinyl with a bright blue insert.  Using contrasting color thread is sometimes a really great idea.  We used blue thread on the double stitch giving the seats a really great, custom look.  Here is the latest project ordered by Sewfine-