The Seatector

This is the Cerullo Seatector.  It's designed to be a no hassle, slip-on style seat cover for most bucket seats.   I say "no hassle" because it's very easy to put on and take off.  Anyone can do it.  I mean, this thing goes on and off in seconds.  It's not a snug fit because of it's universal shape.  It's important to add that we do not recommend this cover for seats with side impact airbagsor seats with integrated seatbelts.  So if you have a bucket seat with an independently mounted seatbelt and no side impact airbags, YOU'RE GOOD TO GO! 

I love this product that we offer because it serves a great purpose for so many different types of lifestyles.  The soccer mom with athletes getting in and out of the car wearing muddy or dusty uniforms can keep her seats clean and tidy with the Seatector.  Also, machine washable, it's perfect for the farmer tracking the outdoor elements from his daily duties into his truck.  Or the avid beach goer bringing sand and wet clothes onto the interior.  Just slip this 100% water resistant nylon cover onto your seat before you leave your house, slip if off when you're done and throw it in the washing machine. 

The Seatector comes in 4 different colors: Black, Blue, Red and Green.  Call Cerullo today to get yours.  Mention the Cerullo Blog and receive a 10% discount.  909)392-5561