Join The Cerullo Family

We just shipped out another Sport Truck Seat to a customer in South Carolina.  Robert is a truck driver and it's very important for him to have comfortable seats in his pick up when he gets home from a job.  After a long haul, he doesn't want to come home and drive around in a truck that has ordinary seating.  He was looking for something that is extraordinary, that demands a double take and that will restore the excitement of sitting behind the wheel with beauty and comfort. 

He chose a Cerullo Sport Truck Seat in black and blue leather.  A bold choice, and an attractive one.  With custom embroidery that reads "Olde Skool" (the name of his business) across the backrest, this seat is nothing short of extraordinary. 

I had the pleasure of working closely with Robert over the phone to get the details just right. He was kind and fun to talk to.  Cerullo is a family business and one of the best parts of what we do is getting to know our customers.  When I get an order, it typically requires several phone conversations and sometimes emails that go back and forth between me and the customer.  During this time, I get to find out all about the project the customer is working on and a little about their personal life.  Whether it be a restoration or just an upgrade, each person is usually very excited about their purchase and very proud of their vehicle.  This makes it so fun for me to be a part of make a vision come to fruition.  Not only is Cerullo  a business run by a close Italian family, but our customers find a place in our hearts as we create a product that becomes part of their daily life.  You may think that a seat is just a place to put you butt! But it's truly more than that.  When Robert installs this truck seat in his 79 Chevy, and sits in in for the first time, we hope he gets a little shot of adrenaline and a huge sense of pride as he becomes another member of the Cerullo Family.