JailBreak Overlander 1997 FZJ80

We just had the pleasure of making a set of SC Sport Seats for a special customer. Richie, aka JailBreak Overlander, a popular Youtube personality ordered a set of SCs for his 80 Series Land Cruiser. This is a growing market for us so we’re very proud to have Richie represent our brand with his own personal touches in the design. He picked black leather with premium Outlaw leather inserts. He took some time deciding between Cerullo another well known seat company, but when it came down to it, he decided to BUY AMERICAN. Way to go, Richie, thank you for your trust and enthusiasm in us.

We’er about to ship these beautiful seats out to him, but unfortunately he’s broken down and stuck in Moab, Ut. Sounds like he’s been having too much fun out there. Pretty soon he’ll have these installed with his Cerullo seat mounting brackets we also made for him and we’ll get to see how he likes his new seats.

Here is a link to one of JBO’s Youtube videos, check him out:


jail break overland.jpg
jail break overlan.jpg