Cerullo Mounting Brackets

Do you have questions about our mounting brackets? Here are some frequently asked questions answered.  

1.  Cerullo mounting brackets are designed to fit Cerullo Seats.  The fitment on other brad of seats cannot be guaranteed.  The mounting points from our sliders to the brackets are 11" front to back and 16" side to side.  If that fits the bottom of your sliders of another brand of seats, then it will work. 

2.  Cerullo mounting brackets are car specific, meaning that there is a specific mounting bracket design for each model and may also be different according to the years.  We have a detailed list, so if you want to know if we have a mounting bracket that fits your car, just give us a call and we can look it up easily.  

3.  When you order Cerullo seats with no brackets, you will get sliders that have studs pointing downward that can be either bolted to the floor (if your floor is flat and you need to be as close to the floor as possible) or bolted to a custom or self fabricated bracket that fits the design of your floor.  

When you order Cerullo seats with Cerullo mounting brackets, you get a set of "black sliders" that work specifically with the design of our "Recaro style" brackets.  You will also receive a set of adapter brackets that will hook onto the tabs that run along the top of the brackets.  These adapters allow you to adjust the height and tilt details of your seats during installation.  You can see the adapters placed on top of this bracket in this photo.  Also at the top of the photo you'll see a sample of the black slider that will fit on top of the adapter.  


4.  When you order a set of brackets, you'll notice that both brackets are marked with a part number.  If it is not clear to you automatically which bracket fits on which side of the car, just remember that the even number is the driver side and the odd number is the passenger side. 

Of course if you ever have any other questions regarding our seats or mounting brackets, we're always available by phone during business hours.  909-392-5561