75-81 Trans Am

We now offer a complete front seat set with rear seat cover package for 75-81 Pontiac Trans Am.  

Check out this black and tan XR Sport Seat with the matching rear seat cover.  

A question was raised by a customer about beaten rear seat foam and what you can do if you order a rear seat cover but you know your foam is different from it's early days.  If you wanted to change the interior of your Trans Am with new front seats, and your rear seat is in fairly good condition, you still may need a little boost in your rear seat foam.  After all, you're getting brand new everything in a custom aftermarket front seat.  The rear should match.  Most auto upholsterers who can pull your new Cerullo rear seat cover will have the ability to add a new layer of foam to fill out the seat and add comfort.  Or of course, speak to your favorite Trans Am parts people about options.  We welcome customers sending us their rear seat to cover, but freight can be a killer.  There is often an easier way if you live cross country.  Give us a call for a quote or speak to Ruben at Classic TA in Florida!  

75-81 trans am xr.JPG
75-81 trans am rear.JPG