H2 Hummer 3rd Row Seat Installation Guide

I keep forgetting to share our youtube video showing a quick installation of our H2 Hummer 3rd Row seat.  The Hummer craze may be over, but we are still making quite a few of these a month.  This 42" wide bench seat replaces the single stock seat.  Installation is fairly simple, especially if your H2 Hummer is an earlier model dating before 2005.  If your H2 Hummer is newer, there is a little drilling involved.  After 2005 the factory relocated the spare tire from the inside of the cab, next to the single stock 3rd row seat to the outside rear of the vehicle.  It's that side, driver side, that you'll have to drill 2 holes.  Our video doesn't show this unfortunately.  However, the hole locations are marked by lug nuts that are still welded underneath the carriage.  This makes it simple and less scary to drill holes in your floor board.  Enjoy the video and give us a call to place your order.  We always have them in stock.  They come in Ebony (black) and Wheat (stock Hummer grey/tan color).  Thanks to our installer, Louie from Custom Truck Shop in San Dimas, CA.