1970 Chevelle Seats Plus Rear Seat Cover

We just made another set of SC Sport Seats for a 1970 Chevelle and a cover to match for the rear seat.  Cerullo doesn't get a lot of opportunities to upholster rear seats simply because most of our customers are out of state.  It's clearly more convenient for a local customer to bring us their rear seat to cover.  But what do you do when you need a whole new interior and you buy new Cerullo front seats but also need your rear seat to match?  We just happened to have the patterns for the original 70 Chevelle rear seat, so this time it worked out. 

Usually we would just sell additional material to our customers so that they can have an upholsterer in their area make a cover to match our seat.  Sometimes we get lucky and if we have the pattern already, we can make the cover and then the customer can have a local person pull it onto the original frame and foam.   We love our local customers though.  They help us to expand our pattern collection so we're able to service more drivers!