Expendables 1955 Ford F150

I'll bet you didn't know that we made the seats for Stallone's Expendables 55 Ford!  The truck was built and seat were installed by West Coast Customs.  WCC built 3 customized matte black 1955 Ford F100s. One was built for a crash scene, the second for green-screen, and the third for Sylvester Stallone to keep.

This is one of those projects that we're so proud to have been a part of.  They used the Cerullo SC Sport Seat in black vinyl and custom embroidered SS logo. 


1978 Pontiac Trans Am

One of our customers just sent us pictures of his Trans Am he's been working on for 2 years.   Wow, I'm touched and overjoyed to see this car finished.  We never really know what a car looks like or what it's going to look like finished when our customers place orders.  We know what our seats look like, but every car is different and every person has different taste in colors and seat styles.  Steve is now taking his Firebird to local shows and we finally get to see what we've been lucky enough to contribute to. 

Check out our XR Sport Seats in this beautiful car.  We used Light Grey vinyl with Charcoal Synergy Suede inserts.  Thank you Steve for choosing Cerullo and thank you for sending pictures.  Your car turned out great!!  Nice work. 

H2 Hummer 3rd Row Seat Installation Guide

I keep forgetting to share our youtube video showing a quick installation of our H2 Hummer 3rd Row seat.  The Hummer craze may be over, but we are still making quite a few of these a month.  This 42" wide bench seat replaces the single stock seat.  Installation is fairly simple, especially if your H2 Hummer is an earlier model dating before 2005.  If your H2 Hummer is newer, there is a little drilling involved.  After 2005 the factory relocated the spare tire from the inside of the cab, next to the single stock 3rd row seat to the outside rear of the vehicle.  It's that side, driver side, that you'll have to drill 2 holes.  Our video doesn't show this unfortunately.  However, the hole locations are marked by lug nuts that are still welded underneath the carriage.  This makes it simple and less scary to drill holes in your floor board.  Enjoy the video and give us a call to place your order.  We always have them in stock.  They come in Ebony (black) and Wheat (stock Hummer grey/tan color).  Thanks to our installer, Louie from Custom Truck Shop in San Dimas, CA.

LA Roadster Show 2017

Last weekend Cerullo had a nice large booth at the LA Roadster Show at the Pomona Fairground.  What a nice turn out it was.  We had hundreds of people pass the booth.  We saw lots of interest in our vintage El Camino bench seat as well as our SC Sport Seats.  We had a couple of great sales out of it too.  One of the highlights for me was seeing the booth for Pagano Rods and Customs; one of our favorite customers.  He had his red Impala showcased with Cerullo XR Sport Seats in red vinyl.  Wow she was pretty!!  We're looking forward to next year's show. 

1970 Chevelle Seats Plus Rear Seat Cover

We just made another set of SC Sport Seats for a 1970 Chevelle and a cover to match for the rear seat.  Cerullo doesn't get a lot of opportunities to upholster rear seats simply because most of our customers are out of state.  It's clearly more convenient for a local customer to bring us their rear seat to cover.  But what do you do when you need a whole new interior and you buy new Cerullo front seats but also need your rear seat to match?  We just happened to have the patterns for the original 70 Chevelle rear seat, so this time it worked out. 

Usually we would just sell additional material to our customers so that they can have an upholsterer in their area make a cover to match our seat.  Sometimes we get lucky and if we have the pattern already, we can make the cover and then the customer can have a local person pull it onto the original frame and foam.   We love our local customers though.  They help us to expand our pattern collection so we're able to service more drivers!

53-56 Ford Truck Bench Seat

It's been a long time since we've upholstered a bench seat in fabric (velour style).  It's more common to get orders for vinyl or leather or combo vinyl/tweed.  I'm so glad we got this chance to make a new bench seat for our Canadian customer Ryan and his 53 Ford F-150.  It turned out so great that we'll be making another one to show at the LA Roadster Show next month at the Pomona Fairgrounds.  We're really looking forward to seeing this baby installed. 

Update from customer:

"I got to take the first look at my seats today. Let me say wow I'm impressed!! They look great! Such beautiful work! I can't wait to install them in my truck. Your assistance and customer service was phenomenal.  I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for great looking seats with awesome customer service. "

"Thanks so much!"


Custom Mod for our Beloved SC Sport Seat

This modification has been very popular for us recently.  The idea was originated by our loyal customer Randy Johnson from D&Z Customs and after seeing pictures of the seat, many retail customers have been ordering their seats this way.  We simply sew vertical pleats instead of horizontal pleats onto the insert portion of the SC Sport Seat.  This way it matches a little closer to original upholstery patterns in many classic muscle cars.  Chevy Nova has been a popular one lately.  Call us today to place your order.  We're happy to mail you fabric samples to check the colors against your existing interior color scheme.  The SC Sport Seat can be made with or without headrests.  The photos below show the seat without the headrests.  The pleats can also be sewn using a single top stitch or using the double stitch - All shown below.